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We interviewed Juan Francisco Noguera, head teacher of our high school and also a singer of the pop-rock group Diecinueve.

26.02.2014 - Francisco Hernández Carretero.

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Juanfran told us about his experience in the world of the music.
Juanfran told us about his experience in the world of the music.

In our Institute, IES Maria Cegarra Salcedo, we are lucky to have great artists, such as the painter and sculptor Esteban Bernal, or Juan Francisco Noguera,the head teacher, that every day makes us see that there are other types of music apart from the flamenco, whereby the Union is known worldwide.

Juanfran is a singer in a pop-rock band called Diecinueve, who has played in several important festivals and has released two albums to date. In this interview, we talked to him about his music career.

- What is the name of the Group?

- Diecinueve.

- How many are you?

- We are 5.

- Why did you  put  that name to the group?

- Because if you change the letters i and e, it seems a number "diecinueve" ("nineteen" in english) and apart it can have many meanings.

- What do you do in the band?

- I play the guitar and sing.

- What instruments do you play?

-  we have battery, 2 guitars, bass and keyboards.

- Do you have any disc?

- Yes, we have 2, one disc EP with 5 songs, which was released in 2010 and one LEP of 10 songs at the end of 2012.

-  Where have you played?

- We have played in Córdoba, Murcia, Sevilla, Albacete, Madrid etc.

- Have you  played in a festival?

- The most important festival we have played is in SOS 4.8, and also in Pulpop and we have played in Microsonidos, in Murcia, several times.

- Are you nervous in concerts?

- It is inevitable, but the more concerts I perform, the less nerves I have.

- When do you rehearse?

- We rehearse once a month because we live far each other.

- What style of music do you play?

-  I play independent pop.

- What year did you start?

- In 2008, we started playing as a group.

- Which groups do you like?

- Groups of the 1960s such as the Beach Boys, the Beatles etc. Also we like current groups like Radiohead...

- Who's the composer?

In general we compose all of us but those who usually do all the songs are Antonio, the guitarist and the bassist Emilio.

Comentarios (2)


Pablo | 02-03-2014 11:51

It´s an excellent interview! . I want to be a famous singer too.


María | 02-03-2014 10:12

I would like to congratulate Juan Francisco. I think he has much merit. You are really very lucky to have famous teachers.

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