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A day in our Radio and Newspaper

We visit our radio Onda Cieza and the newspaper El Mirador of Cieza to see how the mass media work in our town.

27.02.2014 - Lorena Martínez

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Canal Stars News 2.0 with the people who work in Onda Cieza
Canal Stars News 2.0 with the people who work in Onda Cieza

When we travel in our cars, what do we hear?, the radio, that means of communication so important, but few people know that, in spite of being so present in our lives because we hear it all days and wherever we are. For human beings the radio has been a really important invention that has marked the world of local, national and international media. Today, February 13th, the world celebrates the international day of this machine, the radio.

                The radio was invented in the twentieth century by William Marconi, an Italian who definitely changed our lives. He changed not only the world of communication and information, but also the world of journalism, the world in which Stars News 2.0 works.

                After being the winners of the 5th edition of the "Mi Periódico Digital" last year, we have been invited to visit the radio several times. So, we decided to go to the radio again to celebrate with workers of this kind of means of communication the international day of the radio.

                Along the competition al the participants became as young journalists, but our group wanted to go further, we wanted to learn a little more about this media.

                In our town, Cieza, there are two local radio stations called Cope Cieza and Onda Cieza, and we also have a weekly paper called 'El Mirador', which was the first weekly newspaper in the Región of Murcia.

                To celebrate this great day, all the components of Stars News 2.0 went to the office where the radio is made in Cieza, and we could learn and have a good time surrounded by professionals.

                We spent all the morning in the office where we met María Luísa, the greatest broadcaster of our city, and her husband Antonio, an important worker in this enterprise of communication. All the employees taught us how to work in the radio very kindly, so for us it was a very rewarding experience.

                For a few hours we felt like real journalist, genuine radio broadcasters, recording and making radio in our town. From here we want to express gratitude for the kindness of all the members of Cope Cieza.

 For complete information we offer you a short video that we could record this fantastic day.

Comentarios (6)


isa | 28-02-2014 06:57

Genial reportaje


Ana | 28-02-2014 03:28

Molan vuestros reportajes


juan | 28-02-2014 03:27

Buenas clase de periodismo


ines | 28-02-2014 03:27

Excelente reportaje


Dani | 27-02-2014 05:29

So, your radio in English is "Wave Cieza", isn't it? Good article


tino | 26-02-2014 10:38

En el núcleo de la noticia siempre están los periodistas. Uno de los mejores trabajos que he visto en todas las ediciones de Mi Periódico Digital. ¡Enhorabuena, Estrellas!

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